Fire Breathing – University of Maryland College Park – Bullet Time Effect

A recent graduate from the University of Maryland, College Park has used his engineering skills to create a device that revolves a GoPro (Hero 4 Black) around a person at high speeds to resemble the Matrix bullet time effect. This alumnus is also a stunt man specializing in pyrotechnics. He shows his pride for UMD by combining his talents of engineering and fire breathing in front of the McKeldin Library on campus.

Learn more about the OrcaVue camera device here:

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LED Stickmen Snowboarding

We made 4 light-up LED Stick figure suits and hit the slopes of the Liberty Mountain Snowflex Center in Lynchburg, VA.

Ben Sullo
Daniel Rosenberry
Kyle Scheren
Nathan Jenkins

Shepherd Acree

Ben McCartney
Ryan Sandy

Jimmy Lick

11 Yr Old Griffin MacFadyen at Carinthia Parks!

11 yr old Griffin MacFadyen from East Dover, Vermont is turning heads on the hill. Good times sponsored by K2 Snowboarding, Volcom, Giro, Mount Snow, R*O*A*R Sports Drink, Snug Life, Crab Grab and Shred Soles. Griffin is the newest and youngest member of the JoyRidersTV extreme sports and stunts entertainment crew. Filmed at Mount Snow at Carinthia Parks.

As the first Winter Action Sports Ambassador, Griffin dedicated his 2013 – 2014 season to helping the High Fives Foundation raise money for injured winter action sport athletes through his competitive efforts and showed his true grit and determination to help the cause by finishing as the USASA National Champion for both Slopestyle and Halfpipe while raising money for his good friends at High Fives. You can help Griffin raise money here:

Snowboarding in Baltimore, MD – Federal Hill – Urban Riding

This was all filmed during the east coast snowpocalyspe this past weekend (from winter storm Pax and Quintus). Most of the features are from Federal Hill. We also shot around the Baltimore area including the Baltimore Skate Park.

Music By: Jimmy Lick

Will Scheren – Snowboard
Daniel Agre – Snowboard
Alex Budnik – Snowboard
Derek Bedell – Ski
Michael Emmit – Ski

Film Assistance:
Jon Waldman
Johnny Baird
Daniel Agre

Special thanks to Charlie Lui for helping pull the banshee bungee and to Aaron who found our GoPro Hero 3 Plus that we left at Fed Hill!

Boy On Fire Jumps Off 50ft Cliff!

Not many people gets a chance to feel what it’s like to be on fire in a controlled environment. After several attempts to do a stunt on fire that was worthy of a video, we only had enough fire retardant gel for more one stunt. Luckily Daniel managed to pull this off on the first attempt. It’s probably the most intense thing we have ever done and now it’s time to start searching for the next challenge.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with any aspect of our fire stunts. We are especially thankful to Gabe and all his friends who are featured in the BTS video here:

Music By:
Neil Solomon:

UMD gets a visit from Red Bull Athlete Thomas Oehler – Professoinal Bike Trials Rider

Thomas Oehler rides at University of Maryland, College Park and Georgetown University. Most of the footage is from UMD as students gather around in between classes to watch Tom’s Bike Trial riding. He even jumped on top of Testudo!

Special thanks to Charlie Long who supplied additional footage from Georgetown University!
Charlie’s vimeo page:

Red Bull Athlete Thomas Oehler is a professional bike trials rider which is also explained as “bike Parkour.” Learn more about him here:

Music By Doodle Monster:

University of Maryland – Terrapin Ski & Snowboard Club – “Terpski” – 2013 Official Video

Sign up for the terpski trips here:

The Terrapin Ski and Snowboard Club (a.k.a. Terpski) is the biggest student run organization at the University of Maryland, College Park that organizes ski and snowboarding trips for its members. This is all 2012-2013 footage from Jackson Hole, WY, Killington VT, Quebec, Canada, and Mont Tremblant, Canada.

Special thanks to Ryan Thomas for being awesome and helping JoyRidersTV work through the edits in some of the footage!

San Diego Trifecta: Surf | Snow | Desert

The JoyRiders crew decided to do it all in one day. That’s right, surfing at the beach in San Diego, snowboarding in the mountains at Big Bear Mountain and riding dune buggies in the desert at Superstition Mountain. And if that wasn’t enough they finished it off with some skateboarding at night back in San Diego. The whole day was documented so they could share their story of one of the most amazing days of their lives.

Our music is as usual created by Jimmy Lick and Neil Solomon but also we would like to give thanks to the website
Here are the song we used appearing in this order:
“Surf Party Apocalypse” by Paint Fumes…
“Escape” by Break the Bans…
“25” by Break the Bans…

Gorilla Attack at Drive Thru – Taco Bell Prank

Ever wonder how to get free tacos at Taco Bell?

While we are getting food at the drive through, a “giant gorilla” comes out from the woods, grabs the food and trashes it, which scares the employees and even the manager. Luckily the employees and manager at Taco Bell are super awesome and replaced the order for us. After convincing the manager that two tacos of the tacos were still good we got 5 tacos for the price of 3. It was a good day.