Gorilla Attack at Drive Thru – Taco Bell Prank

Ever wonder how to get free tacos at Taco Bell?

While we are getting food at the drive through, a “giant gorilla” comes out from the woods, grabs the food and trashes it, which scares the employees and even the manager. Luckily the employees and manager at Taco Bell are super awesome and replaced the order for us. After convincing the manager that two tacos of the tacos were still good we got 5 tacos for the price of 3. It was a good day.

JoyRiders Fireworks Battle

This is what you get when you have 14 dudes and  $500 worth of fireworks.
Fireworks used: roman candles, mortars, saturn missiles, barrage fire candle

The JoyRiders Fireworks Battle is meant to be a game of dodgeball with roman candles. After the motor explodes the battle begins with both teams, red and blue, scrambling towards the center to to grab their fireworks and then rushing back to their sides to light the fireworks. There are two tiki torches on each team’s side which are used to light the fireworks and also mark the out of bounds areas. After 8 mins of intense explosions, tons of smoke and lots of loud noises, it was hard to say who won. The red team had less burns and blue team had more burns. Blue team says they won because they were counting points by the number of burns they had on their skin. Let us know who you think won!

Halloween Surf Jam

The Halloween Surf Jam was hosted October 27th at Crystal Pier, San Diego.payday loans It turned out riding in costume was a lot harder than we thought but nevertheless we had an awesome time! Thanks to everyone who attended!

Terrapin Ski and Snowboard Club (Terpski) – 2012/2011 Trips

Sign up for a terpski trip for 2012-2013 http://www.terpski.com/

The Terrapin Ski and Snowboard Club (a.k.a. Terpski) is the biggest student run organization at the University of Maryland, College Park that organizes ski and snowboarding trips for its members. This is all 2011-2012 footage from Park City, UT, Killington VT, Quebec, Canada, and Mont Tremblant, Canada.